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Windows XPista Update

2013-05-27 18:47:18 by xXxNourXxX

Hello, welcome to the most popular that one made Windows XPista, xXxNourXxX! yep. got almost 2,200+ views and update almost coming!

Well, I'm thinking that i will make xXxNourXxX (ME) vs Tom Fulp (Owner)

Don't worry, it will be flash movie and tom fulp will pwn me easily

Why?, you will see it when flash is here.

Im not happy or sad, but im suprised. got 1k+ views on Windows XPista, well, theres something weird, when im uploaded the game the original icon was word "xpista" with green background, now it haves full logo name with black background, im dont know who made this, im not made this, im just thinking Tom Fulp made this for me.. I will discover Later. im included the image to see who made this from newgrounds administrators.

Mah First Newgrounds

2013-05-21 08:34:06 by xXxNourXxX

Hello. When i was saw about Newgrounds Games and Movies, i was Expert enough to use Flash, so I'm here.


HP G62
Windows 7 Professional
Flash CS3
Intel Core i3
2048 MB Ram

So, mah first idea is Windows XPista, the story is that we know windows xp and windows vista released, but what happens if microsoft mixed them and made Windows XPista?

To be honest, Windows Vista has frickin' errors, but xp is less. when microsoft mixed them, we feel that we never use the computer again, and wasting the money for mac.

This story also when Microsoft Security Esssentials has older version called Microsoft Security 10......

The Flash that i will make is will tell you why it never released from microsoft

SIMPLY WILL MAKE EVERYONE DESTROY MICROSOFT we all know that older version of microsoft is REALLY REALLY BAD but because older years dont know where the idea.

Now, comment me your ideas. and i will try my best to be here.